Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I got the 1st prize in the first TLE programming contest.


This contest had unique problems. For example, we should have written a C program with no semi-colons in the test run of this contest. The answer was:

main(){if(printf("Hello, world!")){}}

In this contest, the most problems require short coding to get better score. I like short coding and I used a lot of time for this competition (I even took a day off). That's why my performance was surprisingly good in this contest.

Unfortunately, there were some issues in the contest. Since competitors wrote much shorter code than organizers had expected, the score of each problem is imbalanced. For example, the maximum score of problem "CLASS" was 200. On the other hand, some competitors awarded over 2000 points in problem "SHORTEN". Anyway I think this issue didn't break the fun of this contest, and this kind of issues were unavoidable as this was the first attempt for the organizers to run this kind of contest.

Though there were some issues in the contest, it was great fun! I hope I will attend this contest again in the next year. I must thank organizers for the excellent contest.

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